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Ticket Terminal Training Course!

Step 1: Click on Sign Up to register using your personal email address, a password that you create and your store SYSID (supplied by your manager).
Step 2: After you submit your information and verify your email, go back and Sign In using the email and password you registered with.
Step 3: Click on Courses, select either the Basic or Advanced course depending on your role (read course descriptions) and add it to your learning plan.
Step 4: Go to My Learning Plan, select the first module then click Activate. The course can be taken at your own pace, but it must be completed within 30 days or you’ll have to start over.
Before you begin:

To ensure that content displays correctly, please check you have the following system requirements:

These programs are free, and easy to install by clicking on the links above.

You will also require access to high speed internet, and a sound card and speakers are highly recommended.